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T-Shirt Quilts
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T-Shirt Memory Quilts bring much-loved t-shirts to life again when sewn with fabric to create a comfortable throw or creative wall hanging.

Each t-shirt quilt is made up of a collection of t-shirts you provide along with designer-chosen 100% cotton fabric in your chosen color scheme. There can be a theme – athletic teams, musical groups, camps, or a special activity such as cheerleading, soccer, scouts or dancing – or just a group of t-shirts you’ve come to love.

Printed t-shirt fronts and backs can be used. Even well worn and those with holes can usually yield even a small printed patch in a quilt design. We request that you send each shirt to us and we will cut them as needed for your project. Should any T-shirt sent not be used in your quilt or wall hanging, it will be returned to you with the completed quilt or wall hanging. 

T-shirt memory quilts can be machine washed and dried – just as the t-shirts were originally treated.

The custom t-shirt quilt shown was made for a cheerleader’s graduation gift and incorporated 12 cheerleading t-shirts received during her high school years.


T Shirt Quilt
(60”x60”) This t-shirt memory quilt incorporated a teen’s cheerleading shirts into a burst of vibrant blues and patterns for this custom patchwork throw quilt.

T Shirt Quilt close up


This section of the quilt displays a team t-shirt, one from a trip to the Orange Bowl and a small logo placed within a patchwork square.


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